ForeFlight 9.3 Adds Route Options, Step Climbs

As published in AIN September 14, 2017

ForeFlight has released Version 9.3 of its aviation app, which features several additional capabilities. This includes a new preview of route options that allows the user to see all route options for a flight depicted on the interactive map.

The ForeFlight navlog now also supports step-climb flight planning for jets. “The flight-planning engine calculates the highest possible initial altitude, then automatically creates step-climb legs as the aircraft weight decreases,” according to ForeFlight.

Flight planning has also been enhanced with an “add next flight” button that carries forward details such as departure, aircraft information, payload and fuel policy, among others. Flight plans can be exported in ICAO format, saved in ForeFlight Documents or printed, emailed and shared via AirDrop. Users filing flight plans via ForeFlight can now receive push notifications when ATC has issued a revised expected route or when adverse weather might affect the route, the company noted.

ForeFlight has also added a time slider control, which lets the user play back radar and satellite weather layers frame-by-frame. Subscribers to SiriusXM Pilot for ForeFlight and flying with the SiriusXM SXAR1 aviation receiver can now display icing, turbulence and surface analysis layers. The turbulence and icing layers can be viewed at different altitudes using the altitude slider, and small red dots are now used to indicate potential areas of supercooled large-droplet icing.

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