Acquisitions & Sales

Charting a Path to Aircraft Ownership

Having owned and operated our own fleet of aircraft, we can provide a unique insight and analysis which other companies simply cannot.  Correctly identifying the right aircraft for each client is the starting point of our process.  Our services menu includes choices ranging from a straight brokerage agreement, a purchase of a shared ownership position, purchase, and management or straight management of your existing aircraft either with or without leaseback to produce  charter income.  We will help you decide what is right for you!  

Buying an Aircraft

Having examined our client’s mission profile we  identify our acquisition aircraft type. Solutions examines potential purchase candidates from not only on market aircraft but, using our vast network of industry contacts and professionals, we see the off market aircraft which often represent the most compelling value available. Every aircraft type has unique maintenance inspections and common high dollar discrepancies which we will be aware of during the selection process. The aircraft purchasing process can be very confusing and intimidating.  We will take you through each step from a letter of intent through purchase agreement, inspection, test flight and delivery.

Selling an Aircraft

Solutions aircraft has the experience and  know how to get your aircraft sold quickly and painlessly.  Coupled with a strong professional marketing effort, Solutions will capitalize on our strong relationships with domestic and international buyers, market knowledge, and constant market exposure to give your aircraft the best chance to be the next one sold!  

Trading Aircraft

Solutions Aviation can handle each leg of the transaction as a separate deal as detailed above or purchase your existing aircraft to add to our inventory. This allows a single set of transactions and a single session closing.

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